The Olympic Highlights You Didn’t See

Don’t you just love the Olympics?!  From the opening ceremonies, the heated competition, the too-close-to-call wins, the behind the scenes fun (and disappointments)…my family and I love it all.

And the Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London did not disappoint.  How can we forget highlights like Michael Phelps’ four golds and two silvers, which now make him the most decorated Olympian of all time?  The success of the women’s gymnastics’ team (isn’t that Gabby Douglas a sweetheart?!)?  The thrilling wins for the men’s basketball and women’s soccer teams, not to mention the medals in swimming and track and field.  Yes, too many exciting moments to mention.

And then there were the “other” moments…As a health practitioner I notice things in the footage that many miss.  In a competitive environment like the Olympic Games, where a fraction of a second often means the difference between gold and silver, where individuals are pushing their bodies to extreme levels of performance and endurance, it’s interesting for me to see what gives them their edge.

That’s why I’ve compiled a few highlights from this summer’s games that you may not have noticed, and share why they stood out to me…

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of the men and women running around in jackets like these.  Chiropractic care has been proven to improve athletic performance by almost 17 percent.  Any Olympic athlete would be crazy to not take an advantage of a performance boost like that!


Chiropractors were on the sidelines and in the locker rooms ready to perform adjustments as part of the athletes’ training programs, as well as before and after competition. Individual American athletes and sport teams have been accompanied by chiropractors to international events in the past, but this year was the first time that the total Team USA had been accompanied to the Olympics by a substantial contingent of chiropractic doctors.  Clearly the expertise and abilities of our athletes, combined with the most highly skilled chiropractors in the profession, contributed to the US team’s spectacular medal results.

And for athletes representing smaller nations, chiropractic care was a part of the official medical team provided at the London Olympics, where 18 practitioners worked in the Olympic polyclinics and at the various venues.



The Jamaican Olympic team has always been very public about the involvement of their team chiropractors and Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, credits his chiropractic adjustments to his speed, endurance and performance.



And thankfully chiropractors were there for times like these. That’s 432 pounds on the neck of Germany’s Matthias Steiner.




The next time you watch a sporting event like the Olympics, perhaps you’ll begin to notice the things that I see in the background; the chiropractors giving the athletes that competitive edge.  Just remember, that for every chiropractor at the event, there are many more at home ready to give you and your family the same performance boost for your everyday life.  Chiropractic is for the pro in all of us.

Dr. Tiffany