Get Your Free Download: Fun Kids Holiday Break Activities Guide

Soon the kids will be off for the holiday break! We know how it is…despite the new Christmas gifts, there’s still a shortage of ideas and activities to keep them occupied! If you think back to your own childhood, you can probably relate to the boredom.

The truth is that kids were built to be active, imaginative and to have fun, and when given the chance, they’ll do just that! However, sometimes coming up with ideas in the heat of the moment can be difficult and put a lot of frustration and emotional stress on parents!

Introducing “The Fun Kids Holiday Break Activities Guide”! We’re moms, too, and over the years we compiled a collection of ideas so we ourselves were prepared for the, “But Mom, there’s nothing to do,” cries from the other room! We pulled all our ideas together and create a fun download. We’re offing it for free to all followers of our Facebook page!

Some of the ideas are tried and true; others are new to us, and we’re excited to see how our kids react to these activities. We’ll be giving them a try during the upcoming holiday break, and we hope you do, too.

If you do, please report back and share the experience by posting a comment and/or photo of your activity on our Facebook page or commenting below! And if you’ve stumbled across an idea for a child-friendly activity we haven’t mentioned in this book, please share that, too.

To keep your kids entertained and busy (and you sane and stress-free) during the holiday break from school, simply visit Healing Touch Chiropractic on Facebook (and like us while you’re there). Then click on “Free Health Tips” (below our page’s cover image) to download this fun gift!

Dr. Tiffany