Health With A Healing Touch: Top 10 Most Read Articles For 2012

Welcome to the New Year! 2012 was a big year for us at Healing Touch Chiropractic in so many ways, one of them being this blog site.  We launched Health with a Healing Touch on Area Voices a year ago. Our goal was to share a new and refreshing approach to family wellness; I think we accomplished our mission, having posted over 50 articles in the past year!

We touched on controversial topics like vaccinations, and offered health and nutritional advice to parents. Some of our most popular and most debated articles dealt with difficult issues, like Paula Deen’s type 2 diabetes announcement, and the true story behind the loss of Whitney Houston.

Our newer readers may have missed seeing some of these articles so we thought it would be fitting to list our “Top 10 Most Read Articles for 2012” to catch everyone up.  I haven’t event scratched the surface of the health and wellness topics I want to share with you; stay tuned for many more coming your way this year!  And if you have a health topic you would like me to touch on, I’m open to your requests!  Just comment below with your suggestion or email me here.

Dr. Tiffany

  1. Should My Family Get the Flu Shot? This was a controversial subject to write about and I braced myself for the backlash. In the end I received nothing but support of this information. Turns out parents were looking for resources and advice on the topic and they found it here!
  2. The Truth About Good Mood Food and Happy Meals In my talks with parents I’m concerned about the number of children and adults dealing with depression and mood disorders, depression medications, and the side-effects that go along with these treatments. A study released last year confirmed a suspicion I’ve held for quite some time; that diet, particularly a diet high in fast and processed foods, is linked to mood and may be at the core of this epidemic.
  3. The Best Part of Being a Doctor: A Newborn’s First Chiropractic Adjustment This truly was an article written from my heart and sums up my mission in life. Putting the words in writing breathed new life into my main goal as a Doctor of Chiropractic and gave me a renewed sense of purpose; I was able to positively touch more people as a result.
  4. Will Paula Deen Ever Get Her Health Back? As a fan, this was a particularly difficult post to write.  However, I was happy to later post a follow-up article sharing Paula’s good news! After reading the original post, you’ll want to read the follow up piece, “Way to Go Paula!
  5. Help! My Kids Won’t Eat Their Veggies! Do you have problems getting your kids to eat their veggies?  You’ll love the tips, ideas and advice I offer in this post. I’ve had many patients share that this was a light bulb moment for them, revealing the source of their kid’s intense sugar cravings.
  6. Dr. Tiffany’s Book Review: The Power of Self-Healing There are no end to the number of health books on store shelves but when my chiropractic friend and mentor, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini (perhaps you saw one of his appearances on The Doctors and The Dr. Phil Show?), released “The Power of Self-Healing“, I knew this was a book that would find a home on my shelf. While I didn’t agree with all of Dr. Fab’s advice, I thought it was a great overview of total wellness (mind, body and soul).
  7. Why Is My Child Always Sick? Yes, this is one of the top questions I get asked in my practice and out on the speaking circuit. Here I revealed the main reason why some kids get sick, and others don’t.
  8. Whitney Houston’s Legacy May Not Be What You Think Who wasn’t shocked and saddened by the loss of this legend. Even sadder is the fact that medication dependence is more common that we realize and so many others have succumb to the same fate. Statistics reveal nearly 50% of Americans are on a prescription medication and the numbers continue to rise as does the rate of addiction.
  9. Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Child’s Health? Based on my most requested workshop of the same name, this article hit home for many parents. No parent wants to make a mistake when it comes to their child’s health; worse would be what the kids would think if they found out!
  10. Negative Thinking: Can Thoughts Kill? In this post I was pleased to reveal one of the greatest health secrets for my life. Clearly this resonated with many of you as it came in as the 10th most read of the year.