Chiropractors Get Sick, Too?

The chiropractic adjustment improves the function of the immune system and as a chiropractor I recommend that you are adjusted regularly to enhance your body’s ability to heal. So then, would it be safe to say that as long as you received your regular chiropractic adjustment you could eat poorly and not get sick?  You could be in a stressed relationship or environment and not get sick?  You could be stuck in a ‘victim mentality’ and not get sick?

Sorry, if you are adjusted regularly, yet many other areas of your life are in imbalance, your body will inevitably give you some signals to pay attention to; I hope you’re listening.

Now, what about the opposite; what if most areas of your life are in balance, but you aren’t getting that chiropractic adjustment? Without that adjustment, is the body able to heal as fast as it would with regular adjustments?  No; and I just learned that lesson this last week.

I got sick. And it really frustrated me.

  • I hadn’t been adjusted in 2 weeks.  (I know, I know…my chiropractor’s schedule and my schedule were opposite.)
  • My diet wasn’t as clean.  I wasn’t eating a balanced breakfast, lunch was eaten early afternoon and I was starving from 5:00pm until bed.  Yikes!
  • My sleep routine was interrupted.  My work schedule changed, the kids were out of school on break, etc.

It’s no wonder my body gave me the ‘red flag’.  Thankfully, my body is healthy and strong and I got the message loud and clear; it’s time to get back to basics.

Clearly I’m not the only one who’s found themselves taking a sick day.  The flu season (or whatever this crazy, icky superbug is) has rocked so many families, not only once, but many times.  My best suggestion for them is to listen to their bodies and get back to basics.

  • Get checked regularly by your chiropractor.  It will improve your immune system (some studies site an immune system boost by as much as 200%!).
  • Eat high protein and veggies.  Reduce and/or eliminate sugar, processed foods and dairy (especially while sick).
  • Stick with a regular sleep schedule.  Know how many hours of sleep you need and be disciplined to get it.

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Thank you for reading and I apologize if you are a patient who heard this lecture from me already; consider it a review!

Dr. Tiffany