Gratitude And The Door Of Life

As I started cleaning through some old file cabinets early this week, I came across this announcement on a piece of cream cardstock:


This sent me traveling down memory lane.  I opened my chiropractic practice on September 1, 2005, and this was posted just a few months after opening our doors.  I remember printing it and celebrating, within myself and with our patients.  I can still see it in the office – at the front desk in a “fancy, dancy” plastic plexi.  I remember thinking, “Wow…I did it!  I’m living my initial stage of my ultimate dream.” It also made me realize how quickly I have forgotten how far I’ve come, mainly because I’ve been so focused on where I’m going.

I took a moment (ok, more than one moment!) to look around…to look at my life.  After all, it’s important to not only be focused on where we are going, but to also realize how far we’ve come.

I owe this success to my family.  Without support at home from my husband, children and parents, this would have never been possible.  They are my foundation; my reason for being.

I also owe this success to my chiropractic assistants. Because of their hard work and support over the last 5 years, Lyndi and I have been able to be in a place where we can reach more people and make an impact on the health in our community.  Achieving my dreams is not possible without Lyndi putting them into motion.  Not only does she handle all the details, she believes in me.  She is my rock in business.

And of course, our patients…you, who want more than status quo.  You want to live a happy and healthy life.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the trust you’ve put in me, my hands and the innate intelligence within your body to heal.  Whether you are still a patient or experienced chiropractic in our office for a only short time, I thank you.

In the last 7 years, I have met so many beautiful people and their families.  I’ve been influenced more than I could ever imagine.  I’ve witnessed miracle after miracle, which has allowed me to trust the amazing healing power of the body, even when I wasn’t sure.  I’ve been reminded, over and over, how powerful the healing power of the body is; and more so, how powerful the connection is between the mind and the body.

I am forever grateful for each of you who has chosen to walk through my door of life, either as an employee, vendor, or patient.  As my mission is ‘To Transform Lives’, you have transformed (and are transforming) mine in so many more ways than one could ever realize.

Dr. Tiffany