Four Things To Love About Chiropractic

It’s Valentine’s Week and we’re enjoying everything associated with the holiday and all the extra “love”! Loving service is the foundation of everything we do, as anyone who has visited our office can attest.  We feel so fortunate to experience love and miracles on a daily basis.  And, when this time of year rolls around, we can’t help but shout from the rooftops about how much we love you and how much we love chiropractic.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then this doesn’t come as a surprise; it’s pretty obvious that my team and I love chiropractic. And, for our patients there’s really no need to explain. However, those who haven’t experienced chiropractic in our office wonder what’s at the heart of our love, enthusiasm and passion.  Allow us to explain…

1. It’s natural: In this day and age, when every turn of a magazine page and flip of the television channel reveals a drug, along with all its potential side-effects, a natural approach to healing is refreshing.  It’s an amazing feeling to offer individuals an alternative to a lifetime of expensive prescriptions or the prospect of life-altering surgery.  Chiropractic relies on the innate and natural abilities of the body to heal and correct itself.  It’s simple and natural with no drugs, no surgery and no side-effects.

2. It’s green: You won’t find the carbon footprint with chiropractic that you often see with more traditional types of health care.  I don’t know about you; however, we find it alarming that testing of the drinking water in our country is showing contamination by prescription and over-the-counter medications.  Some of the contamination happens via our natural elimination process (i.e. when we pee), and other contamination happens when medications are improperly disposed.  Since this is a fairly new discovery, there are few regulations that define acceptable levels of pharmaceuticals in drinking and surface water.  So please, properly dispose of your medications (don’t flush them down the toilet!), and make chiropractic, and other healthy lifestyle choices, a part of your family’s proactive wellness strategy, to avoid the need for those medications in the future.

3. It’s inexpensive: Overall, chiropractic care is less expensive than medical care, and chiropractic patients spend less money on health care because they use less health care once they begin to benefit from chiropractic.  When the nervous system is working without interference, and the body is functioning as it should, your immunity is stronger, the benefit of every healthy choice you make (healthy foods, supplements, exercise, etc.) is being maximized, and your body strives toward wellness.  So, you can spend a little now and take a proactive approach to health, or spend a lot later, with aggressive and radical action to save yourself from disease once it has set in.  Remember, 50% of bankruptcy in our country is due to medical bills (and over 50% of those people had insurance).

4. It’s for everyone: If you have a spine and nervous system, then chiropractic is for you.  Regardless of your age, your current health status, how good you look, or how great you feel, if your body is not functioning at peak levels, you’ll never realize your full health potential.  And because your nervous system is the master controller of the body, your physical health isn’t the only thing to benefit.  You’ll not only feel better, you’ll be better, in every area of your life!

Yes, when it comes to Chiropractic, there’s a lot to love.

Wishing you love and miracles this Valentine’s Day and always,

Dr. Tiffany