The Top 5 Reasons You See So Many Children At Our Office

It’s something new patients to our office comment on all the time. Some share their surprise when they hear those tiny voices, or remark on our children’s play area. Others will just come right out and ask what’s on everyone’s mind, “Why are there so many children in your office?”

I love it when people ask my staff and me this question; it’s truly a teaching moment for us! You see, at the root, their question is based on the misunderstanding that a chiropractor is a “back doctor” and that our services are for adults with backaches and other pains.

Allow me once and for all to lay this misconception to rest: Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system. The nervous system is comprised of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, and controls every cell, system, tissue and organ of the body. It’s encased in bone for protection (mostly the vertebra of the spine).  Your spine runs along your back. And that my friends, is where the Doctor of Chiropractic comes in: In simple terms, our work involves eliminating vertebral interference, which causes stress to the nervous system and affects your body’s ability to function optimally.

So when I’m asked why there are so many children within our office, I’ll usually respond, “Well, they have a spine and nervous system, don’t they?!”  The reaction is usually a light bulb moment, and a much deeper conversation about kids and chiropractic that hits on these 5 points…

Birth: The birth experience is an amazing process, but for many children it’s a time when significant degrees of trauma are experienced.  Physical stress may start in the womb with the baby lying in a distorted or twisted manner.  In addition, pulling, twisting, pushing, forceps and vacuum extractions all cause traumas to the spine of a newborn creating subluxations and spinal cord damage that can be silent for years. Early detection and correction is the key, which is why I recommend every newborn get checked as soon as possible after birth.

Nervous System: As I already mentioned, the nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord, and controls every function of the human body.  Interruption of this communication network means your body is not functioning at 100%.  As children grow, learning to hold up their head, sit, crawl and walk are all activities that affect spinal alignment and nerve function.

Trauma: Microtraumas (repetitive falls) and macrotraumas (large falls or accidents) must be taken seriously.  Running, jumping, falling, twisting are just a few of the mechanisms for childhood spinal injury.  Furthermore, movements while changing a diaper, learning to use a walker, being lifted by parents, carrying a back-pack, physical demands of sports and sleeping positions all become stepping stones for serious future difficulties if not dealt with immediately.

Prevention:  A healthy spine and nervous system helps to prevent common health problems experienced in children.  Colic, reflux, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, allergic reactions, chronic ear infections, headaches and bed wetting can often be traced to nerve system stress. Prevention is the key at an early age to deal with problems that could plague your children for a lifetime.

Posture: You may have heard the old adage, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”.   A child’s spine is subject to a number of stress and strains placing it at risk of future problems like scoliosis or a curved spine.  To prevent this from taking place and causing future health challenges, regular spinal screens are extremely important.

Today’s parents have a desire for their children to achieve a state of true health, safely and naturally. And, this is leading a growing number of moms and dads to seek health care options which support their children’s own natural ability to be healthy.  Chiropractic is one such option. 100% of children function better with 100% nerve function and all children deserve the right to express their fullest potential.  And therein lies the reason for the large number of kids in our office!

Dr. Tiffany