Healthy By Choice, Not By Chance

I was reflecting on the office and our patients the other day. I smiled as I recalled first opening the doors of our office as a new doctor back in 2005. I couldn’t wait to offer my services to the community and share all I had learned, throughout my years of training and internships, about healing and the power of the body. I can’t believe how far the office has come since that time and the number of people we’ve served. I’m so grateful that some of my very first patients are still visiting our office to this day.

Then it hit me… I realized that some people might wonder why someone would visit a chiropractor on such a long term basis. Is their back that messed up? Are they suffering from chronic pain and symptoms? Is the chiropractor just that bad (ha, that was a joke!)?!

While it’s true that many patients first enter our office with the goal of relieving pain or symptoms, pain relief is actually the least significant benefit that Chiropractic care can offer. When your spine is aligned and your nervous system is functioning optimally, every area of your life is affected in a good way.

Here are just a few of the reasons patients choose to include chiropractic as part of their long-term wellness strategy…

Structural and postural changes.  Most patients experience positive corrective changes in their spinal structure and posture, which is directly related to having a healthier nervous system. This kind of correction takes time, but can be seen during progress evaluations and in x-rays.

Functional improvement.  Relief of pain or symptoms doesn’t mean you’re back to 100% health. With long term care, your body systems will have a chance to return to full functional capacity and your health will return once again. That means you’ll experience an improvement in your health expressions, and you’ll see evidence of this through nerve system scans performed routinely in our office.

Spinal degeneration slows or stops.  The subluxation process is slowed or stopped with long-term Chiropractic care, and many spinal structures can regenerate as well. This is the exciting thing about your body’s healing abilities! Regeneration of the damaged cells and tissue of the body accompanies the removal of nerve interference and you’re regaining health and vitality.

Improved quality of life.  When your pain and symptoms are gone, and your immune system is functioning at 100% capacity, the quality of your life will be substantially better. The result: a longer and healthier life in body, mind and spirit!

Decreased dependence on medication, and visits to the hospital.  As your health improves and your body begins the process of healing itself and functioning optimally, most patients lose their dependence on medication and see that they no longer get “sick” as they have in the past. No more medications, no more side-effects, no more hospitals, invasive tests or surgery; yes, that’s a good thing!

With all those amazing benefits, it’s no wonder many of our patients have been around for years! They chose to live a wellness lifestyle, rather than leave their health up to chance. And, regular adjustments are a part of a healthy lifestyle and the choice to continue was theirs.

Dr. Tiffany

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  1. shirley aman

    Very Interesting Newsletter, Thanks Tiffany. Would love to have lunch someday soon give me a call 227-5659. Going to Hope tomorrow lunch & visit with GMA Ardis. Love, Shirley

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